The Regenerative Night Treatment

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A concentrated night treatment, this potent collection contains our cult-favourite retinol oil, a rich complex of 1% retinol that is formulated to rapidly resurface skin texture and diminish the appearance of pigmentation, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with the lifting effects of our contour gel and hydration properties of the hyaluronic booster, this is the kit for a glowing complexion and ageless skin.


1 x Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster - 20 ml

1 x Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel - 15 ml

1x Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil - 30 ml


Mix 1-2 drops of Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster with moisturiser or apply directly to skin after cleansing.

Apply daily the Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel to the skin around the eye and lip area prone to lines and wrinkles.

Massage the Celestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil 2-3 drops of oil between palms and gently press onto clean, dry skin. Apply before bed as the final step in your skincare routine, making sure to avoid the delicate skin around the eyes. Use twice a week at first and then gradually increase to every other night, if desired.



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  • Hi What is the best products to buy for eyes and joules I am 56 .

    For the eyes, we would recommend the Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel around the eyes and lip area to tone, tighten and lift the appearance of target facial zones. The Retinol Oil can be used on the face and neck to tackle ageing concers (fine lines, wrinkles and age spots). The CELESTIAL BLACK DIAMOND SERUM is also a great one to add to the routine to improve firmness and elasticity by encouraging collagen and elastin production in the skin. 

    I would also suggest the CELESTIAL BLACK DIAMOND LIFTING AND FIRMING NECK MASK to tighten and tone the face, neck and chest.

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